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Watch directly in our Member Club 17 hours and 41 minutes (69 Clips) high resolution MP4 Fetish Clinic Video Clips.
Watch the general physical examination and patient evaluation by our beautiful Nurses.


Final examination of transformation

Soon "the patient" will have to undergo a sex-matching surgery. Today it is the turn of the final preparatory examination to examine the currently still existing mini penis in detail! 

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Cheyenne de Muriel - Die Diagnose von Gummipüppchen 16 Part 2

After thorough examination, the devastating diagnosis is constipation and rectal inflammation due to long term wearing of an anal plug. In order to get the hole free again, the most drastic measure is taken and so the poor rubber doll is simply fucked mercilessly with the strapon until the anus is free again. 

 Laufzeit  14 Min Format  MP4 Video Auflösung  HD 1280*720

Orgasmus Therapie

In the clinic, the poor patient receives sadistic treatment from the two nurses on the subject of orgasm. Absolutely defenceless, the poor patient is tied up on the medical couch. First his "penis" is thoroughly cleaned from the inside with dillators of different sizes, then a very mean teasing with air control begins. It goes without saying that the patient can only control himself with the utmost effort and yes, he may really can shood his load, but unfortunately under certain circumstances the meaner could not be.  

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Cheyenne de Muriel - Die Diagnose von Gummipüppchen 16 Part

The rubber doll is sick, it suffers, has terrible abdominal pain. When due Ultrasound sees Doctor Cheyenne de Muriel that someone really an anal Plug in the butt of the rubber doll has forgotten. This circumstance then requires an extensive rectal examination. Continuation follows with the Club Update on 01.04.2019 

 Laufzeit  16 Min Format  MP4 Video Auflösung  HD 1280*720

Mistress Cheyenne & Lady Luciana - Zwei gegen Patient Null

Bad bad card in his investigation, patient "Gummisau zero" has. He gets the nasty double program and both "nurses" are not stingy with sadism. The suffering especially of his "inputs" is self-evident. Enthralled by the outside world in his rubber prison, the poor patient has no choice but to enjoy the therapy to the bitter end. 

 Laufzeit  17 Min Format  MP4 Video Auflösung  HD 1280*720

Comtesse la Moet - Schmerz Frei Part3

Patient Heulbojes examination is now on the final step. If he can see what device will be shove next in his poor ass he will jump from the chair and run away, but 2 problems, first he is blindfold and second he is bound. Also the Power treatment continues and at the end he is absolute Pain Free in every case. This the Nurse directly test with a rough ball busting. 

 Laufzeit  13 Min Format  MP4 Video Auflösung  HD 1280*720

Comtesse la Moet - Schmerz Frei Part2

Patient Heulbojes examination is continued, first the nurse must clean any blockages with a catheter then to the local palpation her complete hand goes in the ass, somewhere must indeed be the reason of his pain to be found. Since for both therapeutic approaches only further miserable mooning of the patient is the result, the nurse decides to try it with a current therapy. The fact that he nearly takes off from the Chair as his nipples and genitals are at full power seems to be a good sign. As a reward that he is so brave, there are always "nice" slaps on his balls. 

 Laufzeit  18 Min Format  MP4 Video Auflösung  HD 1280*720

Comtesse la Moet - Schmerz Frei Part1

Slave Heulboje had registered for a long-term stay in the studio Novem Viginti .. Blind, bound and gagged, he may first go in hiself and think about his mistakes. What he did not know was that his mistress put him in a T-shirt with the inscription "KICK ME PLEASE!" That this invitation every lady in the studio gladly complies, he and his poor "genitals" figure out soon. With extremely painful balls, he has no choice and must visit the clinic where Doctor Comtesse la Moet is serving today, and with her excellent medical expertise coupled with a healthy dose of sadism she will follow the poor patient in the process Therapy sure to get pain-free again. As preparation for the pending treatment, he get gagged again, then a massive plug is installed in his ass and then a injection placed in his terrible hurting Dick!(To be continued) 

 Laufzeit  15 Min Format  MP4 Video Auflösung  1280*720

Lady Lilith - Rubber Clinic Exxtreeem Part3

In front of be Mad is the Rubber Toy cause of this ultimate nasty treatment by lady Lilith. And it looks like his moaning and begging was to loud so the Mistress must stuff his mouth with a real big gag. Totally committed to the mercy of his Rubber Goddess without any chance to move only one finger the toy starts to pray. Cause now comes the final cruel game with the milking machine over him and his "Dick" 

 Laufzeit  20 Min Format  MP4 Video Auflösung  1280 * 720

Lady Lilith - Rubber Clinic Exxtreeem Part2

After the last and largest tube was installed in the anus of the rubber object, the mistress once leans back very comfortable and explains to the helpless ÖPlay Toy what now comes next to him. Inexplicably, the groaning and chuckle under the drain gag mask is getting bigger and bigger as it her that now the "Dick" is going be fucked, with ever-increasing Dillatoren. What a misfortune it is that the Rubber Toy can not even move one finger, let alone except in painful groaning in any way can be noticeable and so the toy must first enjoy the further rubberization with a layer of transparent latex and then the inevitable fuck from his " pussy ". It is like the Mistress Said all 3 holes compartment stuffed just keeps better! 

 Laufzeit  22 Min Format  MP4 Video Auflösung  HD 1280*720

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